Huon awarded BRC international accreditation

Huon Aquaculture has been awarded British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certification, an internationally recognised benchmark for best practice in the food industry and a stamp that retailers rely on globally, for its newly founded Parramatta Creek processing plant. Currently the only seafood producer in Australia holding the certification, Huon has been recognised not only for quality produce but for international standard practice in its sustainable production methods. Huon Aquaculture General Manager of Processing Scott Nolan said that the certification, now in use in over 100 countries in the world, provides a measure to demonstrate a commitment to safety and quality in production.
“To be the only seafood producer holding the BRC certification in Australia speaks volumes about Huon’s continual fight to stay ahead of the competition, not only on a local level, but internationally as well,” said Mr Nolan.
“The accreditation is audited against 332 strict guidelines and Huon complied with all of them, resulting in being awarded an A rating by the independent auditor. [caption id="attachment_311" align="alignleft" width="139"]Print The trusted BRC logo[/caption] “The BRC helps to reassure retailers of the capability and competency of Huon’s practices and procedures and reduces the need for them to carry out their own audit. “This really is a tremendous achievement and is a reflection of the hard work of our staff which ensures that from the harvest to customer, 100 per cent care and quality is maintained to produce a world class product that is used by fine dining restaurants and consumers around the globe. “We only started the Parramatta Creek factory up in April this year and to achieve the accreditation in such a short amount of time is a fantastic success.” The accreditation is just another feather in Huon’s cap after its products received recognition at the Sydney Fine Food Awards earlier this year, as well as being one of six finalists, from a field of 5000, in the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) of NSW President’s Medal. “We have had a wonderful success rate with awards in recent times and are extremely proud of the fact our locally produced products are considered world class by so many on a local, national and international stage,” Mr Nolan said. “We are not the biggest producer by any measure but we maintain that with our dedication to quality and fine produce, we are certainly rated as one of the best.”

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