Premium Tasmanian salmon on the menu this Christmas

Huon Aquaculture, Tasmania’s premier seafood producer, today opened the doors to its Parramatta Creek processing facility to give an exclusive peak behind the scenes as it prepares for Christmas. “Seafood and salmon in particular has joined turkey and ham on the Christmas menu”, said Huon co-owner and director Frances Bender. “The quality of our salmon is second to none and I think all Tasmanians should be proud of the quality of salmon we’re able to produce here.
“For the hot, health conscious, hurried mum, or the host seeking to impress then salmon is a terrific choice”, she said.
Christmas is the busiest time for Huon Aquaculture and it is a happy coincidence that the natural production cycle matches with the peak demand period meaning lots of fish are available over summer and making them the perfect, fresh choice for the Christmas table. “We believe we have the world’s most loved salmon and at this time we liken what we do here at Parramatta Creek to Santa’s workshop – we’re making sure all the good boys and girls out there have the best seafood Tasmania has to offer – Huon Salmon”, said Mrs Bender. This week will see Huon send around 400 tonnes of salmon to the mainland to fish mongers, wholesalers and supermarkets right around the country. “Tasmania is synonymous with quality and freshness and to make sure we can cater to demand for our Tasmanian salmon we work extremely hard in the weeks leading up to Christmas and grow our workforce across all our operations by almost 10 per cent. “The festive season is the perfect time to catch up with family and friends and whether it’s a bbq, a salad, a pizza or a gourmet picnic what better way to enjoy it than with Tasmania’s finest – Huon salmon, said Mrs Bender.

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