Huon Aquaculture Open Day

The Huon Aquaculture Open Day was held on March the 2nd, 2014 at the Port Huon Wharf in the south of Tasmania. The wharf, which is owned by Huon and used to construct many of the company’s farming vessels, was transformed into a walk through demonstration of salmon farming and Huon’s operations. An estimated 5,000 people came through to doors, with 1,000 taking the opportunity for a free boat tour out to Huon’s various farm locations. “The open day was such a motivating experience for myself and Peter,” said Co-founder and Managing Director Frances Bender, “Seeing a company which began with just the two of us and one employee grow into something that is celebrated by our local community was humbling and exciting”. The open day included a variety of food vendors from the region, all of which used Huon product to come up with mouth watering dishes. The day was also an important opportunity to consult with the public on proposed changes and investments at Huon’s farms. A survey taken after the event by Tasmanian company Enterprise Marketing and Research Services (EMRS) found that a vast majority of those surveyed were supportive of proposed changes. “It’s important for us to make sure that everything we do at Huon is supported by our community, so many of our staff, friends and family live in the Huon Valley area and we want to guarantee our products well and truly represent them”, said Mrs Bender.

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