02 Jun

Biosecurity Farmer of the Year

In 2013, Huon were named the Australian Biosecurity (animal) Farmer of the Year. In a first for the Australian Farmer of the Year awards, Huon are the first aquaculture company to receive this prestigious award.
The award recognizes that farming, regardless of whether it is on land or in the water faces many of the same risks. Originally cattle and sheep farmers, Peter and Frances Bender understand how important it is to keep livestock free from the risk of disease. That is why they have worked closely with Huon's veterinarian, Steve Percival to develop a preventative health plan to ensure that diseases do not access the fish in the first place. “People often think that because we employ a veterinarian that we must have sick fish, but actually he works closely to avoid our fish getting sick initially,” said Frances Bender. “Our main focus is to produce the best quality salmon and that means fish health and biosecurity are number one in our farming practices.”

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