1kg Fresh Huon Salmon Fillet (premium grade)

1kg Fresh Huon Salmon fillet - Premium trim, with skin & scales on.

Our fresh salmon fillets offered online are our premium grade which are expertly selected before being trimmed by hand to ensure these fillets are of the highest possible quality. Enjoy at home, as a whole cooked fillet or cut up into smaller portions to enjoy with friends and family.

Our fresh Salmon represent over 30 years of farming expertise and are the product we're most proud of! We're thrilled to be able to offer Huon Salmon customers all around Australia the convenience of purchasing our fresh salmon directly with us. 

Our fresh Huon Salmon fillets are supplied in a clear vacuum sealed pouch and must be kept refrigerated. This product is fresh, never frozen.

This fillet is Sashimi Grade but must be consumed as sashimi within 5 days from the date the fillet is packed, and must be consumed on the day the pack is opened. Fresh fillets older than 5 days’ post pack date must be fully cooked before they are consumed and provided that the product is still within the stated shelf life it must be consumed within 3 days once the pack is opened.