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For the first time ever we are proud to present both a salt water and fresh water option in the larger pearls of our Tasmanian Salmon Caviar. Both with distinctively different flavour profiles and mouth feels.

Those that love their salmon caviar will enjoy the difference between the two with each having decidedly different value to add to your chosen dish.

For the ultimate caviar connoisseur, we have also included the traditional serving utensil for all varieties of caviar, the mother of pearl spoon.

Ocean Grown Salmon Caviar - Salt Water

They say the best things come to those who wait and for those who appreciate the finer, more mature things in life, our Ocean Grown Caviar provides the perfect finish on the palate. Matured for longer at sea our Reserve Selection Ocean Grown Caviar presents with a fuller pearl size than our Premium, with the membrane taking on a more robust flavour but softer texture than that of our fresh water variety. Carefully hand-selected for you before being expertly extracted by gently hand-rubbing each roe sack, the results are a delicate salty pearl direct from the Southern Ocean.

Hand-Milked Salmon Caviar - Fresh Water

The unique Tasmanian wilderness provides the perfect host for our award winning Hand-Milked Salmon Caviar. Ponds fed by mountain streams carrying the world’s purest rainwater provide perfect conditions for our special salmon to naturally mature, some of whom are up to seven years old.

Each fish is carefully handled and gently hand-milked to extract the finest Tasmanian salmon caviar which we believe are the largest in the southern hemisphere. The vibrancy and pearl size provide the perfect burst of flavour and are a product of years of care and dedication to the salmon and the hand-milking process.

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